Dance teachers Festival 6. Salsa Festival + 1 week Santiago before + 1 week Havana (November 10 - December 2, 2020)

Dance teachers

Dance Companies
Sabor de Calle..................................................Director Yanek Revilla
Terraza de la Salsa...........................................Director Maritza Aldama
Tierra Kaliente...................................................Director Karelia Despaigne
Ballet Folklorico Cutumba................................ Director Idalberto Bandera
Los Corales.......................................................Director Yoilan Maceo Cabrera
All Stars.............................................................Director Jorge Luna

Yanek Revilla
Yisel Cuba
Karelia Despaigne
Asdrubal Aquilera
Yudisleydi Salas
Yunior Montoya
Liz Karla Malleuve
Adrian Limonta
Carlos Aguero
Ernesto Ferreiro
Ania Rojas
Maura Isaac
Daril Valeris
Duniel Nuñez
Arianna Attier
Odesa de los Santos
Laima Martinez

Osval Medina
El Dálmata

Pupy y los que Son Son
Septeto Santiaguero
Sonara la Calle
Morena Son
More to come

Pupy y los que son son
The number 1 Timba group of Cuba  
Tierra Kaliente
This young dance company founded by "Maestra" Karelia Despaigne started in December 2015. In a short period Tierra Kaliente has become a fantastic and professional dance group.


Sabor de Calle
Dance group organised by Yanek Revilla. Sabor Calle was renewed in 2016, and has international fame.


Karelia Despaigne
Karelia is the founder, director, choreographer, teacher, and dancer of Tierra Kaliente. Karelia graduated as a dance teacher and dancer of folk dances at EFTA "José María Heredia" in Santiago de Cuba. She was the first soloist of the professional dance company: Folklorico Oriente. Karelia was for years a driving force behind "Sabor DKY". She has danced in 17 different countries. This will be the first time that Karelia will be performing with her group Tierra Kaliente in the Netherlands.


Terraza de la Salsa
Dance group of dancing school Terraza de la Salsa / Dance4Two with choreographies of Nano Hechavarriaen, and Yunior Montoyo.


Morena Son
Fantastic band with only ladies.  
Liz Karla Malleuve
This young dancer comes directly from Santiago de Cuba, and will be in Europe for the first time. She was discovered as a talent at Salsa Festival Santiago de Cuba. Liz Karla started dancing at the age of 5. Already at the age of 10 she joined the Spanish Ballet by Lizt Alfonso in Santiago de Cuba. At the age of 18 she was dancing with Ballet Folkclórico Cutumba, and at the age of 22 she joined Sabor de Calle of Yanek Revilla. She has participated in various cultural exchange meetings with famous dancers in Cuba such as Silvina Fabals, Santiago Alfonso, and Susana Pous. She is now studying at ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte).


Ballet Folclorico Cutumba
For more than 30 years, Ballet Folklorico Cutumba represents folkore of Afro-Franco-Haitian-Cuban origin. This group consists of 48 dancers and musicians. The choreographies of Cutumba contain Gaga, Vodun, Santeria, Merengue Haitiano, Tumba Francesa, Rumba, Son, Merengue Haitiano, and Tumba Francesa. Cutumba is internationally known for tours around the world.


Asdrubal is a fantastic dancer. he is one of the performers in Casa de la Trova and Hotel Melia Santiago on a regular basis. Asdrubal often comes to Europe, and often participate in Viva Cuba Biezenmortel of Dance4Two.


Osmany & Lil
Osmany & Lil are one of the best dance teachers in Havana. They have patience, humor, and dance very beautiful.


Daiana David
She graduated from the School of Cuban folkloric dances of the School of Arts of Bayamo "Manuel Muñoz Cedeño." Her specialization was musical dance. She danced with "Ballet Folklorico de Oriente", "Sabor DKY", "Okan Oni 'and' Cabaret Parisien". She is currently dancing with "Havana Queens', and is a dancer and teacher of "Tierra Kaliente ".


George Ibar
He graduated as a dancer at EPRA. For several years he was part of the cast of Dance Company "All Stars," and has also danced for the traditional group Changui Diogenes. He has experience as a teacher and dancer in Cuba, France, and the United States. He is currently a dancer and teacher of "Tierra Kaliente".


Jorge Oliden Del Rio Guapo
He is a professional dancer. He has worked as a dancer for the dance group "Sabor DKY". He has international experience as a dancer, and teacher in France, Poland, Luxembourg, and,Cuba. Today he works as an instructor at the dance school "Salsabor," and is a teacher, and dancer of "Tierra Kaliente".


All Stars dance group
All Stars was founded in 2004. All Stars dance group has the perfect balance between traditional and modern dance. This dance group from Santiago de Cuba has a lot of international experience, with tours in USA, Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany and France.


Yanek Revilla
According to most people, Yanek Reviila is the best dancer in the world. He has won many dance competitions in and outside Cuba. His choreographies with Sabor de Calle are of the highest level.


Nano Hechevarria
Nano Hechavarria Manuel Ulloa, who now lives in Israel, is among the most allround dancers of Santiago de Cuba. He can do every dance: Salsa, Rumba, Soul, and Reggaeton.


Sonora La Calle
Ernesto Ferreiro or Pucho
Ernesto is a professional dancer. He also studied percussion for 4 years at the School of Music "Lauro Fuentes". He has worked as a dancer for dance group "Sabor DKY". He has international experience as a teacher, and dancer, not only in Cuba but also in Colombia. Currently, he has been working as a dance teacher at the dance school "Salsabor," and he is dancer and teacher of "Tierra Kaliente".


Ania Rojas
She graduated as a teacher and dancer at the academy Cuban folkloric dances EFTA "José María Heredia" of Santiago de Cuba. She studied dance at the EVA and was a dancer of "Ballet Folklorico de Oriente". She worked as director and dancer with the dance company "Sabor DKY".


Septeto Santiaguero
Septeto Santiaguero is one of the top orchestras from Cuba and was founded on February 2, 1995. Young musicians started to play in Santiago de Cuba's legendary Casa de la Trova . Septeto Santiaguero became a huge success. They choosed the traditional septeto format, guitar, tres, bongos, clave, maracas, double bass ,and trumpet:. This is music back to the roots of the Son, supplemented with congas. Since then ten CDs have been recorded,, and there were many international tours. Since 2010, there were two Latin Grammy nominations, and three Cubadisco premios.