Programme Tour Oriental Cuba, without flight and visa

1st Day: Friday March 27, 2020

Holguin is where the holiday starts. From the airport there is a taxi transfer of about 20 minutes to the first hotel Caballerisa. This fantastic 4 star hotel is centrally located in Holguin. We will stay for 2 nights in this hotel.

2nd Day: Saturday March 28, 2020

Today we explore the first Cuban city Holguin. Holguin is the third largest city in Cuba and an important center of agriculture and industry. We will visit the old town with Parque Calixto Garcia. We will climb the stairs for a beautiful view. In the evening, we will go dancing at Casa de la Musica and Casa de la Trova.

3rd Day: Sunday March 29, 2020

Today we will travel to the second city of this trip: Bayamo. In Bayamo we stay at Royalton Hotel located in the laid-back town of Bayamo. Bayamo is known for being the birthplace of Cubas first President Carlos Manuel de Cespedes. During the city tour we will visit the wax museum. In the evening we visit a dance performance (if programmed) at the Teatro Bayamo, or we go dancing in the local disco.

4th Day: Monday Mach 30, 2020

We will visit the beautiful national park Turquino Comendancia de la Plata, the former headquarters of Fidel Castro. Visiting Comendancia de la Plata is an experience in itself (Good walking shoes are required). We will stay overnight in a beautiful Hotel Vila Santo Domingo located in nature. We will spend the night in the idyllic nature hotel Villa Santo Domingo in the Sierra Maestra.

5nd Day: Tuesday March 31, 2020

Departure to the largest city on our tour of Santiago de Cuba: the former capital of Cuba. Here we stay in the lively Padre Pico in casas particulares, these casas are all close together and around the dancing school of Dance4Two. In the evening we go dancing with the dance instructors of Terraza de la Salsa to a outdoor location La Claqueta ,where we can enjoy live music.

6th Day: Wednesday April 1, 2020

In the morning there are dance classes for 2 hours at the dancing school of Dance4two. For each participant there is a Cuban dance partner available. After lunch, there will be a city tour with a guide who will show you the beautiful city of Santiago de Cuba. In the evening, there will be a live concert at Casa de la Trova in Santiago de Cuba.

7nd Day: Thursday April 2, 2020

Today will be a dance and relaxing day in natural pool El Porvenir. This beautiful natural pool is just outside Santiago de Cuba. Here you can dance, swim, and relax with the dance teachers of our dance school. The evening is free to spend. We can advise you for the best locations.

8th Day: Friday April 3, 2020

In the morning, there are dance classes for two hours. For everyone there is a Cuban dance partner. If you are not taking part in the dance classes, you can swim with dolphins, or go horseback riding (optional). The afternoon is at leisure. You can visit El Morro castle, beach. At night we will go to a live concert at la Claqueta.

9th Dag: Saturday April 4, 2020

Today we go to Guantanamo. This city is less than two hours from Santiago de Cuba, and we will arrive here before afternoon. Guantanamo is a city with a rich dance culture. In Guantanamo, Changui and Tumba Francesa were originated in Guantanamo. We stay in hotel Marti, in the heart of Guantanamo. We will visit Casa del Changui, Patio Sandunga, casa de la Trova, and Casa de la Musica, and we will meet the rich music and dance culture.

10th Day: Sonday April 5, 2020

The next destination is Baracoa! This is the most eastern destination of our trip. Baracoa is very popular by visitors for its relaxed atmosphere, good nightlife, and beautiful scenery. We will spend the night again in casas particulares. These are all within walking distance. In the afternoon we explore extensively Baracoa. We will visit Casa del Chocolate, and after dinner we will visit a wide selection of Baracoa: Noche de Praga (Disco), Casa de la Trova, or La Terrazza.

11th Day: Monday April 6, 2020

Today we will explore Baracoa by swimming in the pool with the most beautiful view that you can imagine.
After dinner we will dance salsa in Noche de Praga (Disco), Casa de la Trova, and La Terazza.

12th Day: Tuesday April 7, 2020

This day is free at leisure, but in the evening we go together to the party in Baracoa. Tips for today are:

  • Boat trip on the river Yumiri
  • Relaxing at Playa Nibujon
  • Have lobster at Playa Manaqua
  • Dance classes at the local dance school

13th Day: Wednesday April 8, 2020

The final destination is perhaps Cuba's best kept secret: Gibara. An idyllic fishing village in a beautiful landscape with the most friendly population that exists. We stay two nights at the beautiful Hotel Encanto Arsenita. During the day we will explore the beautiful Gibara with a horse-drawn carriage. We visit in the evening the cozy entertainment venues, such as Casa de Cultura and Siglo XX.

14th Day: Thursday April 9, 2020

Another day in paradise Gibara. Walking along the coast and in the afternoon to Playa Call Tones. On the last evening we have with the whole group and our Cubans, and we will have a barbecue on the beach. For the last time in Gibara. Live music at Centro Cultural.

15th Day: Friday April 10, 2020

We say goodbye to Cuba and our Cuban friends. Muchas Gracias. Hasta la Proxima. We departure to Holguin. The airport is less than an hour away. Here finishes the tour.